Most patients are referred to Integrated Rehabilitation Services by their physician and are given a prescription for physical therapy to rehabilitate an injury. Patients who are not referred for physical therapy from a physician may contact us directly to schedule an evaluation or injury assessment.

1. Call or stop by one of our offices to set up an appointment

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When setting up your initial appointment, our staff will ask about your insurance coverage, so that we may verify your insurance coverage and benefits prior to your first appointment.

2. Complete the new patient paperwork

Before you are seen by one of our physical therapists, you will need to complete our new patient registration forms. Please click the link below to download and fill out the Patient Registration Packet.

You can complete these forms prior to your first visit or complete the forms when you arrive at our office. If you plan to complete the paperwork at the time of your first appointment, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

What Can I Expect at My First Appointment?

At your first appointment, your physical therapist will review your prescription, conduct a thorough evaluation of your injury/condition and create an individualized treatment plan. He or she will discuss the nature of your injury/condition and the number of therapy treatments per week that will be appropriate to reach your goals. Your therapist will most often initiate the treatment of your condition on the same day as your initial evaluation. Your treatment plan will typically include a combination of the following treatment interventions:

  • Manual therapy techniques to decrease pain, increase range of motion and improve function
  • Therapeutic exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your joints
  • Functional exercises to restore you to your desired activity level
  • Self-management education and a home exercise program to speed your recovery and reduce the chance of a recurrence of the same injury/condition


What Can I Expect At Follow-up Appointments?

During each subsequent appointment, you will work with your physical therapist and other members of our clinical team (rehabilitation technicians and athletic trainers) to perform the treatment as outlined at the time of your initial visit. Each follow-up visit lasts approximately 60 minutes.

As your condition improves, you will be given additional exercises to perform until you have completely healed and/or reached your personal goals. Your physical therapist will regularly share your progress with your physician and your insurance company (if required) until your release from our care.

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