In recent years, corporate wellness programs have grown in popularity. Businesses small to large are focusing more on their employees to promote mental and physical health, as well as boost job performance. Rather than sitting at a desk all day, employees are working in open concept offices and taking group exercise classes to reduce stress. What are the benefits of implementing a corporate wellness program for your business?

1. Improve Overall Work Environment

A business thrives when its employees are happy. If work-life balance becomes uneven, either the employee or the company will suffer. Promoting a healthy workplace where employees have a flexible schedule, but still do their jobs well is a leading initiative of many corporate wellness programs. Improved job satisfaction encourages employees to be more creative, which also benefits a business’s bottom line.

2. Stress Management

It can be nearly impossible to live a holistically healthy lifestyle when stress gets in the way. When you’re up all night with anxiety over work and you have no time for a social life, you can start to resent your job. Many corporate wellness programs implement stress management classes and education so employees can work through their problems, rather than allowing them to affect productivity.

3. Promote Healthy Habits

At Integrated Rehab, we work with many patients who wish to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s diabetes management, sports conditioning or athletic training, we understand the importance of maintaining health. Companies across the country are removing the vending machines full of junk food, encouraging employees to take the stairs and stand during meetings, based on the recent studies that prove sitting to be a silent killer.

4. Benefit Mental Health

In addition to physical health, mental health is another concern among businesses. The stress of work can lead to decreased productivity, absenteeism and overall job dissatisfaction. Being unhappy in your career can begin to negatively affect other aspects of your life, including personal relationships. Corporate wellness programs provide the resources employees need to find their passion again, manage stress when deadlines begin to pile up and lead a happier life.

The purpose of corporate wellness is to make work about more than getting the job done. By promoting all-around wellness that puts people before profit, your employees and business will prosper. If you find yourself struggling to adapt to a group exercise regimen or want advice on proper nutrition, contact our team at Integrated Rehab today!

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