As we look forward to the future of our practice and patients in 2017, it’s also time to bid farewell to an integral member of the Integrated Rehab family. South Windsor Patient Service Coordinator Kathy Rusch, who has been with our company since the early days, will be retiring this year.

Celebrating Kathy Rusch

In October 2001, Kathy was a physical therapy patient at our clinic and loved her experience so much that she became an employee in 2002. Since that time, she has worked for Integrated in many capacities, having served in three of our front offices and assisted the billing office. Kathy also handles our branded clothing orders, the job she “loves to hate,” and takes photos at our sponsored events.

Krista Catalan, Clinic Director of our South Windsor location, will always remember the year that Kathy dedicated an entire page of a photo book to her face! “I’m always making these weird faces that she manages to catch on camera,” Krista laughs. All kidding aside, she only has fond memories of her time working with Kathy. “She comes to work and she’s always in a good mood. She has been a key asset to us because she knows a lot of people in the community,” Krista explains.
Managing Partner Julie Paolino, who describes Kathy as loyal and compassionate, will miss her honest and timely feedback the most. “She and I have spent many hours over the years creating an environment of openness and mutual respect,” Julie says. “Kathy has always been the perfect embodiment of our core values. Her friendly nature and positive attitude will be greatly missed in our entire organization.”

What adventures will Kathy embark on in this next stage of her life? Julie says, “We are only letting Kathy retire because she agreed to continue to provide the commentary for the NCAA Tournament and Super Bowl office pools!” Kathy is famous for writing lengthy emails describing what has happened in each game and who is winning the pool. She’s also not afraid to poke fun at the other employees when their favorite teams lose!

From everyone at Integrated Rehab, it has been a pleasure working with Kathy over the years. Integrated will not be the same without her smiling face to greet us and our patients each day, but we wish Kathy all the best in her plans to become a single digit golfer and world traveler!