Our Integrated Rehab clinics have been delivering exceptional outpatient physical therapy for years. Our Sports Performance program enforces our commitment to helping the athletes of our community with access to elite professionals who are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists®. At Integrated, we realize that we are capable of providing a comprehensive strength and conditioning opportunity that cannot be matched by other facilities. Sports Performance programming is available in our Integrated clinics, allowing patients to transition from skilled therapy to a customized Sports Performance program in a safe and familiar environment.

Our staff are trained experts, with advanced knowledge of biomechanics and human performance. We take pride in delivering RESULTS, making the community and its members better, faster and stronger than before.

We offer strength and conditioning programs for a multitude of sports.

The benefits and values of our programs include:

  • Working with experienced clinicians who are passionate about strength and conditioning
  • Improving weakness and maintaining strength on an ongoing and customized basis
  • Instruction in proper weight room form and technique
  • Customized programming designed to reduce the risk of injury

  • Running on a treadmill burns 16% less energy than running outside. Bump those treadmills to 3% incline to yield the same results.
  • Did you know the optimal running cadence is 90-95 steps per minute? By using this cadence, you will stay below your anaerobic threshold, while optimizing your aerobic capacity.
  • To be fast, you must train fast. Cycle in power training to ensure that you will reach your full speed potential.

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