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The Missing “Links” In Your Golf Game

For many of us, there is no feeling quite like swinging a golf club on a pristine fairway by the water. If you enjoy playing golf, then you know what it’s like to hit that one perfect shot into the green on a sunny day as you watch a calm breeze blow across the flagstick….

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Why Is Sports Conditioning Important?

Have you ever had a coach tell you to improve your performance? For many, this can be difficult to address. How do you learn to run faster, throw farther or hit faster? With the help of a sports conditioning specialist. These experts understand how the human body works and are able to design programs that…

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Functional Training is a Myth!

Functional Training Is a Hoax Functional training is a deception utilized to spearhead misinformed prospective clients into choosing one trainer or program over another. In the Strength and Conditioning world, clients want to throw harder, run faster or hit the ball harder. Though these are great goals for athletic improvement, the client may not have…

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Improve Golf Performance

Golf is a recreational sport that someone of any physical fitness level can play. The activity is known to reduce stress levels while burning calories, with a very low risk of injury. Golf is a great sport to play in the spring, summer and fall to be active outdoors. However, performance is an important factor in…

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What is Functional Training?

Functional training is a means of training your body as it would naturally perform a particular sport or task. Traditional strengthening and flexibility techniques don’t always render the stability and mobility required for functional movements. To better prepare your body, reduce injury and improve athletic performance, you must understand the biomechanics involved in the specific…

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