Read some of the positive words and success stories our patients have shared with us.

“Everyone here has a smile on their face – I look forward to coming here.”
Elaine B.

“I’ve been to many PT facilities in my time, but none as professional, thorough and effective as yours”
Robin M.

“I’ve been a patient at Integrated Rehab through the recuperation period of two joint surgeries in the last three years and I am quite positive they are the greatest rehab center on earth!”
Donna R.

“Your staff was very empathetic and, as I observed throughout my time there, very supportive of patients in special circumstances.”
Kerri K.

“Just a short note to once again thank you for your services. Your entire staff is very diligent and are very knowledgeable in their field. As always, I leave your facility in much better condition than I had entered. I proudly wear your logo t-shirt and do not hesitate to recommend you to friends. Keep up the good work.”
Stan C.

“I was very hesitant to do therapy because of the high level of my pain. I am so glad I tried, it has helped me beyond what I believed it would. The pain is nearly gone and this has made me a true believer in therapy. Thank you Integrated Rehab.”
Vivian P.

“Thank you for the time you devoted to me over the past few months. The healing and improved movement I’ve had are in no small part due to your patience and caring.”
Bev F.

“I’ve needed physical therapy services multiple times in the past and have tried a number of different providers, until I went to Integrated Rehabilitation Services. The quality of care, individual attention, friendly staff, and professional atmosphere has made me a big fan for the past ten years.”
Linda L.

“After tearing my first ACL, I began my recovery at Integrated Rehabilitation Services. Their dedication to me as a patient as well as their knowledge in the field enabled me to return to sports quickly. Shortly thereafter, I tore my other ACL. Despite the setback, I was reassured that they would help me regain the strength and mobility of my knee. Through their services, I have been encouraged mentally and physically to never give up.”
Kristin C.

“I want to thank you for all the great PT I received at Norwalk Integrated Rehab. I’ve been to several places over the past 15 or so years, and you and your staff have helped me most! Best to you all, and thanks for everything.”
Deb T.



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