Assistance-Putting-On-DvtCertification by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) signifies that a therapist has received training from a reputable lymphedema certification school and has furthermore chosen to become a true specialist in the field of lymphedema therapy. To become LANA-certified, a therapist must complete an approved certification course (encompassing 135 hours of instruction and hands-on mentoring), have at least one year of clinical treatment experience beyond the certification course, and finally must pass the LANA national certification examination.

Becoming LANA certified entitles a therapist to add the credentials CLT-LANA to his or her name, further distinguishing the therapist’s professional background. LANA’s mission is to support standards of training and education that are based on sound scientific theories and universally-accepted treatment approaches. This standardization serves to improve the quality and availability of lymphedema patient care by assuring high quality and consistent methodology.

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