Arthritis is a term used to describe an inflammatory condition involving one or more joints throughout the body. It is often accompanied by pain, swelling and warmth in the involved joint(s).

Arthrosis is a term which describes a non-inflammatory degenerative condition associated with aging. It affects mainly cartilage, which becomes rugged, irregular and worn out. This breakdown of cartilage can cause pain and loss of mobility of the joint.

What Causes Arthritis/Arthrosis?

Arthritis may result from:

  • Injury
  • Infection
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Immune System Disorders
  • Weight Issues

Arthrosis may result from:

  • Injury
  • Aging
  • Long-term wear and tear of cartilage in the joints

You are most at risk for arthritis/arthrosis if:

  • Have a family history of arthritis/arthrosis
  • Are middle-aged or older
  • Have had previous joint injury
  • Are overweight

Treatment Options

Our team of Physical Therapists treats patients using evidence-based treatment techniques that speed recovery time while reducing the risk of recurrence of pain in your joints.

  • Manual therapy to decrease pain, increase range of motion, and improve function
  • Therapeutic exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles that will improve functional movement patterns
  • Functional exercises that are tailored to your activity level
  • Self-management education to reduce chance of recurrence

Common Surgeries for Arthritis

Some arthritic conditions do not respond to physical therapy alone. In these instances, surgery is required and physical therapy is a follow-up treatment strategy. The most common surgeries are:

  • Arthroplasty to rebuild the joint
  • Total Joint Replacement

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