First and foremost our patients are our friends and neighbors. At Integrated Rehabilitation Services, we take our role as a good neighbor seriously.

Outreach Lectures

Our physical therapists and trainers in our Wellness clinic reach out to the community to share the most up-to-date information on specific areas of interest. Lecture series usually focus on wellness and nutrition, injury prevention, specific joint pathologies and treatment options. We bring physicians, healthcare providers, community leaders and local educators together to update the community on the latest health topics.

High School Athletic Training

Integrated Rehabilitation Services proudly provides Athletic Training services at Ellington, Coventry, Bolton and East Catholic High Schools. Throughout the athletic school year, our trainers are on-site for training room assessment times, practice/game coverage and the rehabilitation of injured athletes. Through our partnerships with local high schools and in our clinics, our Athletic Trainers provide the knowledge and expertise needed to allow athletes a safe return to sports after injury.


Since our inception, we have generously supported organizations throughout the communities we serve. We have supported many local organizations, including:

Community Involvement Sponsorships

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