JulieAccording to the Mulligan Concept website, the Mulligan Concept Teacher’s Association (MTCA) is a group of physical therapists who are accredited to teach the Mulligan Concept. Currently, there are only 42 accredited teachers internationally. All MCTA teachers have post-graduate credentials in manipulative/manual therapy up to a standard set by the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMT). The goals of the MCTA are to educate clinicians worldwide in the Mulligan Concept, to develop and accredit future teachers of the Mulligan Concept, to ensure that teachers and teaching are of high caliber and to promote research into Mulligan Concept techniques.

Certification Qualifications

In order to become accredited as a Mulligan Instructor and a member of the MCTA, the individual must have a minimum of five years of relevant clinical experience, have IFOMT or equivalent post-graduate training in manual therapy and be a Certified Mulligan Practitioner (CMP). Additionally, MCTA teachers have obtained mentorship in the Mulligan Concept and have passed a credentialing examination process.

Our Mulligan Practitioners

Julie Paolino, Managing Partner of Integrated Rehabilitation Services, has worked closely with Brian Mulligan since 1995 with his manual techniques of “Mobilizations with Movement”. She was the first woman in North America certified by Brian Mulligan, F.N.Z.S.P., (Hon.) Dip. M.T. and the Mulligan Concept Teacher’s Association to teach his concept. Shelly Quirk, PT, MS, MBA, MCTA, CWcHP and Partner at our Enfield clinic is also a certified Mulligan instructor.

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